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On Wednesday and Thursday this week, a wildly diverse group of leaders met in the White House to explore how to accelerate the growing alignment so necessary to advancing health and well-being of communities. Surgeon General Murthy laid the foundation … Continue reading

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Carolina tears

Hearts break today in North Carolina. I think of atheists as slightly over-educated modernists who are harmless, almost quaint, in their ardent non-belief. It had not occurred to me that non-believers were inclined to shoot people over parking slots. But … Continue reading

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New blade

I peered through a hole in our basement wall into  a cloud of sawdust where my father fed a piece of wood into the spinning blade. The sound was painfully high loud and powerful, such that I can still hear … Continue reading

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Mapping Curiosity

These are such interesting days for hopeful people in our wildly dynamic world. Never before in the history of the species have we seen more radical emergence of vast numbers and forms of relational webs. More than two million non-governmental … Continue reading

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Bugs in the System

The core idea behind FaithHealth is not even smart. It’s just not dumb. How could there be anything dumber than a system that assumes that when people are sick, troubled and vulnerable they should be able to figure out the … Continue reading

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