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New systems of health

Sometimes when you’ve been walking a long time you forget how far you’ve come and far you can see from the crest. This happens more in the folded and forested Blue Ridge than in the wide open west. But even … Continue reading

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Sin and Liberation

Didn’t expect that title did you? There is something about Good Friday coming in the same week as a day-long medical center budget meeting that turns my mind toward sin; and then, just when you least expect it, toward liberation. Tom Peterson … Continue reading

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Mapping Curiosity

These are such interesting days for hopeful people in our wildly dynamic world. Never before in the history of the species have we seen more radical emergence of vast numbers and forms of relational webs. More than two million non-governmental … Continue reading

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Redefining Redefining

Life is messy, more like the picture on the left. From time to time healthcare helps, but life is not about health….care. It is important to remember this amid the policy maelstrom and the basic fact that the healthcare industry … Continue reading

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Wild Water

“There is only one stream of water. What passes through the bodies of humans, passes through the bodies of animals, insects and plants. It flushes through our sanitation systems, flows through the rivers, seeps through wetlands, rises to the heavens … Continue reading

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