Presentation Materials

This is draft page for materials I use or refer to in presentations. If I’ve mentioned something that isn’t here, please let me know and I’ll post it. Just click on the links and you should be able to download the file. Gary

Gunderson – Spirit and the health of complex human populations Paper based on the David B. Larson Lecture give at Duke School of Medicine, March 3, 2016.

The Health of Complex Human Populations. Paper by myself, Jim Cochrane and Teresa Cutts for the Institute of Medicine Round Table on Population Health Improvement.

Spirit Competencies Expanded Transformational Leadership Competencies 2013 This is the ever-evolving map of leadership competencies focused on community transformation. This map is  adapted  Kate Wright, et al, “Competency Development in Public Health Leadership,” American Journal of Public Health , August 2000, Vol 90, No 8, p. 1202ff. Online .pdf file at  This one includes a newly thought through branch on spiritual competencies. That branch is also offered as a stand-along mindmap below.

Spirit Competencies Expanded This ever evolving mindmap is the part of the leadership competencies map based on the Kate Wright article. But this list is entirely made up by me, modified for the lectures given at Rochester Nov 11-12, 2013.

waging life Power point on Leading Causes of Life. This one morphs depending on audience and over time, a sort of general presentation, not the detailed logic.

Four Horsemen 2013 Mind map of the basic drivers of disparities that point to the relevance of the common social infrastructure. This is the logic model driving our efforts in the more vulnerable parts of our service area in North Carolina.

Science Driving Health System Alignment (1)

This is the mindmap originally developed for CDC colleagues mapping the way that science has moved over the last century more and more toward determinants of health that align neatly with the meaning-making, faith-forming social structures of community.

This is the speaking draft of the testimony by Gary Gunderson and Teresa Cutts on behalf of Stakeholder Health for the IOM Roundtable exploring new models for funding public health efforts. IOM Roundtable on New Models for Funding Community Health Improvement

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