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Warren, Kenny and Barney

Fred Smith is a Harvard-SMU-Emory PhD and United Methodist preacher. He grew up tough in Oakland playing football. When he and I were walking around Jack London Square Thursday night after a nerve-fraying couple of days, we went looking for … Continue reading

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Sin and Liberation

Didn’t expect that title did you? There is something about Good Friday coming in the same week as a day-long medical center budget meeting that turns my mind toward sin; and then, just when you least expect it, toward liberation. Tom Peterson … Continue reading

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Eden Long Gone (Thank God)

In the past couple weeks I’ve spent about 3,500 miles in my Prius bouncing back and forth to an odd assortment of events looking forward and backward. I listened to Bill McKibben’s painfully clear new book Eaarth. The new spelling … Continue reading

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