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How do we bear it? I don’t mean put up with whatever annoys us, but….how do we sustain life itself amid the traumas, bruises and faults that define the human journey so fraught with frailty?  Some are too public to … Continue reading

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It happens. We humans and our systems are what moves through us, defined mostly by how we handle the process, especially how the movement affects those around us. We eat, so we poop; we drink, so we pee. But at … Continue reading

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Spirit Gap

This year I found myself reaching for language more medieval than modern; words like craven, vile, mendacious. I’m ending the year speaking of kindness. Having regressed toward meanness further than I thought possible, I’m hoping we ascend toward kindness. Jonas … Continue reading

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Song of a new humanity

  Before free shipping, seasonal tweets, bleats and burps, Mary sang. His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation.  He has performed mighty deeds with his arm; he has scattered those who are proud in their … Continue reading

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Things are seen in in the terrible intimacy of the ED every day that should not happen once in a thousand years. Except they happen in entire zip codes, too; the same damn ones for decades. This morning I presided … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Dumpster Fire

No need for a picture today. It’s turning out roughly like we thought it would, this off-the-rails democracy meltdown. And it will get back on the rails as democracy does, with a muddling mixture of blood, anger and, eventually finding … Continue reading

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Gathering before dawn

It’s easy to forget really important things. This is especially so when handling thousands of life-and-death events and a couple billion dollars amid the melt-down of political process utterly devoid of grown-ups. Take my own institution, Wake Forest Baptist Medical … Continue reading

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