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Vice President, Faith Health, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC. Author, Leading Causes of Life, Deeply Woven Roots, Boundary Leaders and Religion and the Heath of the Public. Secretary, Stakeholder Health (Health Systems Learning Group).

Oak too small to bother

Less than a hair, the spider’s thread arched from one heavy oak spar to the branch below catching a glint of light through the shifting fog. Too small to bother when the hills were clear cut and still young as … Continue reading

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In the beginning was an idea; “I’ll give it all away,” said God. And so, from that first micro-nano of time until this latest Carolina Spring, we’ve been part of an explosive, incomprehensive generosity. God could have done it more … Continue reading

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“As birds flying he scattereth the snow, and the falling down thereof is as the lighting of grasshoppers. The eye marvelleth at the beauty of the whiteness thereof, and the heart is astonished at the raining of it.”     … Continue reading

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Democracy in three acts

“This is what democracy looks like!” we chanted as we sloshed around downtown Winston-Salem through the late Spring wet snow. Thousands of moms, dad, sisters and brothers had huddled under umbrellas as one startling young voice after another took aim … Continue reading

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Finding Our Bearings

How do we find our bearings when we are so far off the known map? Last week I reflected on how bearings were the things we rest our weight on when times are mean. We humans simply must bear each … Continue reading

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How do we bear it? I don’t mean put up with whatever annoys us, but….how do we sustain life itself amid the traumas, bruises and faults that define the human journey so fraught with frailty?  Some are too public to … Continue reading

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It happens. We humans and our systems are what moves through us, defined mostly by how we handle the process, especially how the movement affects those around us. We eat, so we poop; we drink, so we pee. But at … Continue reading

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