Gary at Large

I am a frequent speaker at events that tend toward audiences of health and healthcare people, those that are theologically inclined and “academics” (or at least people who think hard about things). Sometimes all three general types of people are in the room at the same time. The success of the “Memphis Model,” (which I did not create or invent, but was honored to be part of for seven years) created a buzz in all three circles, including many health systems curious about whether they could emulate some of that some phenomenon in their service area. Often inviting me to speak to their system or local leadership is an early stage of the process, which I am glad to do.

Stakeholder Health (formerly Health System Learning Group) is a large and growing informal network of learners who have a stake in the health of their local area and understand the urgency of learning how to align their assets for that purpose. I have functioned as the “secretary” of that group as it has convened at the White House and Health and Human Services, which also frequently spins off into invitations to speak and meet with stakeholders in the local area.

I say all this just to note that I may well be in your area anyway and glad to add a day to include your colleagues or neighbors in a discussion.  I am iften not the best or most appropriate presenter for you and can connect you with someone more tuned to your needs. I give priority to events likely to result in action.

If you would like to talk about coming and speaking at an event, please use the form below to help me understand what you’re thinking about, why you think I might be helpful, what dates you have in mind (and how flexible you might be). These events are not my day job, but I do have a daughter’s college tuition to carry, so an honorarium may be appropriate. I never charge for events in the Wake Forest Medical Center service area.

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